Rental rules and regulations
Golden Keypoint Rental fee schedule

1. Termination of lease:
$150 processing fee and $150 legal advice fee and possible advertising cost

Sublease processing fee:
Tenant : $60/ per sublease agreement signed for processing and management cost
Subtenant : $30 /per person application fee for background check or credit verification

Move in preparation and professional cleaning fee :
Fees are various from $65-$100 /per person (depending on if professional cleaning is requested)
*No cleaning service should be conducted if the unit is still occupied by tenant(s).

Furniture removal and restoring fee: (for furnished apartment only)
Fees are various from $ 50-$100 depending on the size of the furniture: (manager's judgement required)

Repair for damage caused by tenant's improper usage or abusive behavior :
General repair: $35/ per hour plus material cost (including drywall damage, floor, door, and furniture repair)
Plumbing repair: Fees are varied depending on the situation if a professional service is required ( Including garbage disposal, draining pipe and toilet, )
Professional service: Actual cost plus $20 managing fee.
Maintainance service: $35 per hour plus material if the repair can be done by our maintaince crew.

Lost of keys :
$15 per replacement for regular door keys, $20 for mailbox key or $50 if federal mailman service has to be involved.
Actual cost from professional service plus $20 management fee  if the Key Smith is involved

Locked out service with request of door opening assistance:
$25 for opening the door if requested within office hours(8am-8pm)
$50 for service requested after office hours
Actual cost plus $20 management fee if emergency professional service is required

Improper parking fee:
$20 charge for not parking inside the line and taking two spaces for one car.
$20 charge for parking of unauthorized (non-registered) car or parking without a validated parking permite: